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Think all of that is bullshit? The question none of the myriad slut-shamers and finger-pointers and moralizers ask is: what slut or, ahem, person would want a dude who thinks that sex is equivalent to milk from a cow, or who wants us not to know whether we re getting good sex, or who thinks us incapable or unworthy or love based on our sexual history, or who would prefer that we "hold out" for the sake of making someone love us?

Because the answer is—and should always be—fuck those people but not literally. It is not worth it to be in a relationship with someone who isn t interested in you as a person or who places so much emphasis on who else you slept with that he can t notice the person he s sleeping with—or that the person you are currently choosing to sleep with is him.

And yet, every time a woman with a public history of unabashedly fulfilling her sexual needs get married— my former colleague Tracie at Jezebel and Jessica Cutler of Washingtonienne infamy come to mind—the slut-shamers come out of the closet to cluck their tongues and insist that women "like that" can never be and don t deserve to be happy.

Because, you know, sluts. When someone like Jaclyn writes that she enjoys —you know, because only sluts enjoy sex with someone other than their long-term relationship partner—having sex outside of a relationship, they ll shout that she ll never be happy because, you know, slut. And sadly, disgustingly, a lot of those people clutching their pearls and pointing their fingers and gearing up to metaphorically burn the witch are women.

Hell no, ten is a pretty low number compared to some conquest counts. But what if all those ten sexual partners were fucked in the same week? Is she a slut then?

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And where do we draw the line when it comes to a number of sexual conquests? A hundred? Who s to say? What if you ve never had a one night stand in your life, but you ve had thirty steady relationships? Sure, you ve had sex with thirty guys, but none of them were impulsive or reckless. Does that make you a slut? What if you ve only had sex with five guys, but four of them were while you were married?

It s pretty hard to find a solid definition of a slut, but the most common opinion is that it s a girl who has loose sexual morals, meaning she would fuck you for a chocolate bar. That s one way to show if she s a slut or not. The term is usually used as an insult, but as society becomes more progressive and accepting of different lifestyles, the word slut isn t half as offensive as it used to be.

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The word is having much less effect year on year, and may already have been vanquished if not for conservative governments always focusing their attention and trying to control the adult industry.

The word slut gets used a lot in a derogatory sense in this area. Back in the day, slut meant a dirty, slovenly woman. Well, that sounds great to me. Who wouldn t want a dirty, slovenly woman for a night of fun?

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And even better, who wouldn t want one for a girlfriend?! If she s a slut the night you meet her, imagine how sexually adventurous she d be after a few years of dating.

Being A Slut Is A Good Thing People use the word slut to shame sexually adventurous women and keep them living in line with modern, traditional values. We say that s a bad thing, because if anything, the world needs many more slutty women.

Any woman who is termed a slut just means that they ve got a higher sex drive than the average woman, and that they re not afraid of going out and finding some cock. It s not the nineteenth century anymore. Sex is fine, and it s perfectly acceptable to get it in abundance. We all want it and it s easier than ever to find, so let s stop pretending that we wouldn t fuck anything with a pulse if we had the chance. Everyone is a slut. We all like sex.

That s the way it is now. The ironic thing about the term slut is that the only people who are offended by it at the prudes using it in the first place. For example, imagine that you walk into an alleyway and see some slut getting banged up against a fence or getting her face slapped with cock.

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People have to think now about where they work and their careers in conjunction with the internet.


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