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We girls were fiercely competitive. So my reputation was on the line. What next? The problem was a simple one — just to find somewhere with room to move. And the weather gave us the break we needed. It was spring, so we sneaked some blankets out of the house and started early that Friday night.

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Rode out of town toward the river and were just circling one of our regular haunts when it started to rain. Another wasted evening! But then he jabbed me in the arm, excited, and pointed to a nearly finished new house set back from the road. Lights out, tires crunched slowly over metal and wood debris, shivers of excitement the scary type running down my spine.

He turned off the motor and we ran through the rain, blankets over us, hopped up onto the door jamb and inside. The house smelled damp and clean, like new wood. We plopped the blankets down, stripped to underwear and got under the top one. But when we finally got around to the main event, managing to get it right only through sheer willpower and physical force on both sides I felt, I guess, a typical reaction. Maybe, like the re-telling, it was all in the build-up. Or something like pain which you blank out later.

Like the kick I got when I told my two friends, a much more romantic version, of course. Certainly, the whole thing of sex bypassed me completely. In spite of all my efforts I was still a child. Not nearly ready. In fact, it was years before I was. There was a curious twist, though, to my first sexual experience. Before dinner one evening he took us to look at a new one bordering the golf course near the river.

It was the same house!

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A week later he bought it and we moved in. Talk about your sins coming home to roost! Name Withheld I am three, or thereabouts. We live in Charlotte, There are a couple of children with me whose faces and forms are indistinct to me now, but I know there were two of them. We are deeply, childishly intent on showing off our bodies to one another.

Gently we poke at the mysterious crevices above pulled down shorts and giggle as we take turns examining the comical limpness of a small penis. At that moment, what we are absorbed in is FUN. I am surprised and proud of the specialness of my own body, of its apparent ability to interest, even intrigue someone else into wanting to touch it. I think my friends feel that way too.

We are all laughing. Under cover of the tent, in this moment of special, private sharing, we are all close; we like each other very much. My friends, one by one, are pulled roughly out by their elbows.

The little boy tries with one hand to get his shorts up around his waist again. I fix my clothes hastily and leave the tent in time to see my mother striding across the yard toward me, her face set in an angry, bewildered stare that I can see vividly to this day.

There must have occurred one of her frigid silent treatments after the initial scolding. It was obvious from the way she and the other mother reacted that we had done something that was disgustingly wrong.

But what was most damning to me was that I had enjoyed it. That confused me more than anything. Even in my childish egocentricity I had a well-enough developed conscience to know right from wrong. Now when I stop to consider my sexuality, I end up wondering what it was my mother feared so. Was she attempting to curb a tendency in me that she felt would lead to promiscuity and embarrassment to her?

Or even worse, did she fear my flagrant enjoyment of the taboo would lead to an unhappy state of motherhood at an early age as had befallen her?

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I look at my own little daughter and promise myself not to traumatize her first infantile sexual encounters with other kids, to keep it in perspective. I guess I must try to stay open and deal with the experiences of my own daughter as they arise. Name Withheld David was a drifter. I was finishing up high school while he was paying his rent by baking bread at a bakery. I had heard David preferred virgins. This was slightly disconcerting. When I spent evenings with him I was never sure that he just wanted to be with me.

I wondered how many more evenings and langorous Sunday afternoons it would take before we would finally do it.

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Where were those fresh and vivid sheets I had seen in Seventeen magazine, the Sears Roebuck Catalog, and the like? How could I think about getting married before I had even been to college? How could he say he was looking for a wife while proclaiming he was such a world traveller? We separated without much talk; without a fallout; his proposed trip was enough of an excuse for both of us to drift apart. David finally did leave the United States; he found an old seaman who agreed to let him board his steamer to England.

I found out about this story through friends. And yet I received postcards from him in England, France, and Norway.

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I felt sorry for him in a way. Was he looking for a wife in Europe? Was he freezing? What was he looking for in me by sending only postcards? We caught up over a year later, in the January of my sophomore year in college. David looked wonderful still having sun-kissed curls in wintertime.

I wanted to go up, give him a good squeeze, and hook my fingers in the belt loops of his white jeans. They looked clean, so he must have broken down and bought a new pair. David disapproved of my living on campus, and yet expected I would be just thrilled to have him up to my dorm room.

David got angry and called me arrogant; I laughed and considered this a compliment coming from him. Amy Spanel Chapel Hill, He can fall in love, fall out of love. Some of the activities include kissing each other, licking, and more. They do it on their webcam just for you!

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