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Sexual Health Services in Enfield

If you have been diagnosed with HPV, read the information below for considerations for you and your partner. Do I need to tell my partner? This is entirely your decision. Most men and women with HPV infection carry the infection without ever being aware of it. Pros of sharing the information: Honesty is often the best policy and sharing this information will raise awareness regarding HPV. Though the risk for men is significantly less than women, being aware is important.

Low risk HPV can cause genital warts and high risk HPV may be asymptomatic but can lead to other lesions in the genital area as well as throat in men. Cons of sharing the information: Currently, validated testing for men is neither needed nor available.

Sharing the information may lead to anxiety as well as misunderstanding. If either or both of you also have genital warts, you may need treatment for that and it is important to tell your partner and use barrier contraception.

What are the important things to consider when telling my partner?

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You should try to do this as soon as you book your first appointment. If you forget we will send reminder text messages. If you have not registered within one month then we will transfer your appointment to be seen by a senior nurse.

If you have non-urgent enquiries then please follow the following rules when emailing us: Put your hospital number in the subject box. If you are emailing a particular person, then also include their name in the subject box. Who will I see? The department employs two HIV community clinical nurse specialists who are able to visit patients at home if they live in Newham, Tower Hamlets or Waltham Forest.

How can we help?

A home visit, or regular home visits, might be necessary if a patient is unable to attend their regular clinic for physical or psychological reasons. Our CNSs are able to assess patients at home, take bloods, prescribe medications and arrange home delivery of medications. They are able to help communicate between specialist and generic healthcare providers.

If a patient requires rehabilitation, either from an acute centre or home, the HIV community nurses are able to arrange or instigate admission to Mildmay hospital UK, and oversee the admission and discharge back into the community. Referrals are accepted from patients, health, or social care professionals, or non-profit organisations.

This includes advice on fertility and planning a pregnancy.

Talking to Your Partner About HPV

We can also provide advice to women whose partners attend the unit. We also run a HIV antenatal clinic with dedicated specialist midwife and doctor.

Health adviser; partner notification and family testing Health advisers are more common within sexual health clinics where the role is often about avoiding exposure to or reducing the risks of getting a sexually transmitted infection, it also involves supporting those who do get diagnosed with an infection and helping with partner notification.

At the Grahame Hayton unit, our health advisors provide help and support around disclosure and assisting with getting partners and children tested for HIV. This specialist role was created in recognition of the difficulties disclosure can still cause for many people living with HIV. Despite advances in both testing and treatment, we have still encountered cases where young adults have been diagnosed with late HIV infection where it is believed that the transmission has been vertical This may have happened for a number of reasons: The young person was born outside of the UK and joined their parents during childhood and is therefore untested A mother has been diagnosed after their children were born and not offered to have their children tested A small number of women may not have been tested during pregnancy and therefore precautions to reduce mother to child transmission has not be possible or Parents have been fearful of discussing the issue of testing their children and assumed that because they were well they did not need testing.

Talking to our children and young people about testing and sexual health matters is never easy, whether we are living with HIV or not. Sometimes parents are comfortable with talking to their children and sometimes young people find it easier to talk to someone who is not their parents because it is less embarrassing. If you have any issues relating to your diagnosis; disclosing to partners, thinking about having a family, wanting to test your existing children or wanting to have safer sex with new partners, please make an appointment to meet with me.

You can contact our health advisors via reception - they are available in the Grahame Hayton unit on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The written notice must inform the parties that they may have an advisor of their choice, who may be, but is not required to be, an attorney and may inspect and review evidence [see Investigation of a Formal Complaint, below].

The written notice must inform the parties of any provision in the district s code of conduct that prohibits knowingly making false statements or knowingly submitting false information during the Title IX formal complaint process. If the conduct alleged in the formal complaint would not constitute sexual harassment even if proved, did not occur in the district s education program or activity, or did not occur against a person in the United States, then the district must dismiss the formal complaint with regard to that conduct for purposes of sexual harassment under Title IX; such a dismissal does not preclude action under another provision of the district s code of conduct.

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The district may dismiss the formal complaint or any allegations therein, if at any time during the investigation or hearing: a complainant notifies the Title IX Coordinator in writing that the complainant would like to withdraw the formal complaint or any allegations therein; the respondent is no longer enrolled or employed by the district; or specific circumstances prevent the district from gathering evidence sufficient to reach a determination as to the formal complaint or allegations therein.

Consolidation of Formal Complaints A district may consolidate formal complaints as to allegations of sexual harassment against more than one respondent, or by more than one complainant against one or more respondents, or by one party against the other party, where the allegations of sexual harassment arise out of the same facts or circumstances.

Where a Title IX formal complaint process involves more than one complainant or more than one respondent, references in this provision to the singular "party," "complainant," or "respondent" include the plural, as applicable.

Prior to completion of the investigative report, the district must send to each party and the party s advisor, if any, the evidence subject to inspection and review in an electronic format or a hard copy, and the parties must have at least ten days to submit a written response, which the investigator will consider prior to completion of the investigative report.

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The district must make all such evidence subject to the parties inspection and review available at any hearing to give each party equal opportunity to refer to such evidence during the hearing, including for purposes of cross-examination; and Create an investigative report that fairly summarizes relevant evidence and, at least ten days prior to a hearing if a hearing is required or otherwise provided or other time of determination regarding responsibility, send to each party and the party s advisor, if any, the investigative report in an electronic format or a hard copy, for their review and written response.

With or without a hearing, questions and evidence about the complainant s sexual predisposition or prior sexual behavior are not relevant, unless such questions and evidence about the complainant s prior sexual behavior are offered to prove that someone other than the respondent committed the conduct alleged by the complainant, or if the questions and evidence concern specific incidents of the complainant s prior sexual behavior with respect to the respondent and are offered to prove consent.

The decision-maker s must explain to the party proposing the questions any decision to exclude a question as not relevant. To reach this determination, the district must apply the standard of evidence described at Process for Title IX Formal Complaint, above.

The district must provide the written determination to the parties simultaneously. The determination regarding responsibility becomes final either on the date that the district provides the parties with the written determination of the result of the appeal, if an appeal is filed, or if an appeal is not filed, the date on which an appeal would no longer be considered timely.

Similarly, a district may not require the parties to participate in an informal resolution process and may not offer an informal resolution process unless a formal complaint is filed.

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A district must make these training materials publicly available on its website or if the district does not maintain a website the district must make these materials available upon request for inspection by members of the public.

For each response required under Title IX Coordinator Response, above, a district must create, and maintain for a period of seven years, records of any actions, including any supportive measures, taken in response to a report or formal complaint of sexual harassment.


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