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But because of the growing number of developing countries attending, "the flavor of the conference has certainly changed," said the chairman of the Bishop Daniel Conlon of Joliet, Ill. Deacon Bernard Nojadera, head of the Even though there have been fewer cases of abuse reported in Asian and African countries, church delegates at the conference said they know that doesn t mean they are immune, Nojadera said.

Advertisement Delegates from Africa recognized sexual abuse "is a universal situation and they re indicating that it s probably just a matter of time when folks start feeling comfortable about being able to report this kind of misconduct," he said. They "want to have policies and procedures in place" so they will ready for possible allegations and prevent future abuse.

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How can this be? The Department of Social and Health Services, NOT the DOC listed on the bill, operates the Special Commitment Center that provides specialized mental health treatment for civilly committed sex offenders who have completed their prison sentences. The bill also removes provisions authorizing the revocation of provisional restoration of voting rights if there is willful disregard to pay their restitution and legal financial obligations.

This means there is no incentive to meet these responsibilities.

Britain’s Prince Andrew sorry for Epstein friendship, denies meeting sex accuser

I joined with Rep. Jenny Graham, R-Spokane , and other lawmakers to fight this bill on the virtual House floor. Watch excerpts of our floor debate here. Graham s sister was murdered by the Green River Killer. We would have been more supportive of this bill had it excluded criminals of the most heinous crimes.

About the Sheps Center

It s now in the Senate. I encourage your involvement to stop this very bad bill. Read it here. The state Economic and Revenue Forecast Council released its quarterly report.

The Vatican Meeting on Sex Abuse

While the Puget Sound economy is booming, there are other parts of the state in which working families struggle to make ends meet. With such a bloated surplus, shouldn t the state give some of that money back? Property tax bills will be in the mail soon and many people will experience sticker shock.

Kraft in the front row of a committee hearing on comprehensive sexual health education. I have been a vocal opponent against the measure, primarily because state government is deciding what s best for children, not parents. I m extremely concerned with many aspects of the curricula school districts may use that is graphic.


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