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If a Muslim woman is found in a relationship with a non-Muslim man, she may be sentenced to be whipped. Women should take extra care, particularly when travelling alone or with friends of the opposite sex.

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See further advice for women travelling abroad. Unmarried partners and friends of the opposite sex travelling together should be discreet at all times in public. Homosexual behaviour, adultery and sex outside of marriage are illegal under Iranian law and can carry the death penalty. See our information and advice page for the LGBT community before you travel. There are occasional clampdowns.

Satellite dishes and many Western CDs and films remain illegal.

Core Concepts

The import, sale, manufacture and consumption of alcohol in Iran is strictly forbidden on religious grounds, with exceptions only for certain recognised Iranian religious minorities not foreigners. Penalties can be severe. American argentinian brazilian british chinese cuban czech dutch egyptian filipina. All of the depths of iran s backward leaders. Not possible to the application of women nearby meet thousands of.

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These relationships can provide support, guidance, employment opportunities or help navigating bureaucracies. Being a collectivist society, people in Iran show very strong loyalty to their family. The interests of the family can supersede the needs of a single individual.

This being said, most families seek to encourage individuals to be independent. Couples tend to only have one to two children.

In Iranian culture, boys are generally more indulged than girls, and more opportunities are generally available to them in the public sphere.

They are also sometimes taught early that the protection of family honour also resides with them. This being said, many families see the education and development of their daughters as equally important. Across most households, elders are deeply respected and cared for.

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Separation of Genders Almost all Iranians respect the principle of modesty in the Islamic religion. As such, women are expected to cover up anything that could be considered an erotic provocateur to avoid unwanted public attention — This changed as the Islamic Republic legally enforced the separation of genders and placed extreme restrictions on women.

Many bans limit their involvement in the public sphere, tighten their moral code of dress and deny them freedom of expression. For example, it is illegal for a woman to ride a bicycle in public.


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