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Pole Dancer Friends?

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Physiy I m tall and in great shape. As a mother of two children, her son does not really approve of her escapades, but her daughter, on the other hand, is more welcoming. How does she get the stamina to go on so many dates and sexual adventures? Well, the answer is simple. Retorage was originally a dancer, but now keeps herself fit by visiting her local pool and practices fitness routines.

She also takes a lot of vitamins as well. Retroage insists that she has never been rejected by a younger man and has had innumerable offers on dates and sex from all kinds of men. She said, "The cougar never pursues younger men. There are men that want older women and they are handsome, and buff, and all sorts of great things. I could feel the top of her crotch against my now thickened cock. Grandma leaned her head on my shoulder and her tits rose and fell against my chest with her quick, deep breaths.

I took a full, firm ass cheek in each hand and pulled her tight, kneading and squeezing her ass as we swayed to the music. Grandma moaned and began to slowly rotate her pussy against my cock. I groaned too and she tightened her arms around my neck, pulling herself as tight as she could against my body.

I began panting with lust as I massaged her ass. Suddenly, I felt one of grandma s hands drop off my neck. Then, her hand squirmed its way between our clamped bodies, down across my belly, over my belt, and onto my cock.

As my dick grew longer and longer, she began pressing her palm into the head of my cock, mashing it hard against my thigh. My hips began to involuntarily rotate against her. I was dry humping on the dancefloor with my grandmother. Jesus, I thought I was going to explode in pleasure. Grandma began to stroke my cock more and more quickly, gasping in small, tight sighs as I urged my hips forward to meet her insistent hand.

The music stopped but we kept on dry humping. A quicker song came booming through the speakers and, as if the spell had been broken, we relaxed our bodies.

Grandma raised her arm back to my neck, and I raised my arms to circle her waist. We pulled our upper bodies apart and gazed into each others faces. Grandma wore a slight smile and her eyes had a kind of far away gaze.

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Our eyes locked and her smile spread. She was beautiful. I leaned down and our lips met. Grandma wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me down, harder onto her lips.

Her tongue burst into my mouth and I thrust mine into hers. I felt Grandma s teeth on my lips as she opened her mouth wide to eat my tongue. I plunged my tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth as I wrapped my arms around her back and practically lifted her off her feet with desire.

Do Not Disturb: Grandma’s Having Sex

We kissed passionately and furiously as the music pulsated around us. Finally, Grandma broke our kiss and pulled her head back with a huge gasp.

She was panting. I drank in the sight of her shoulders and her waist and her ass as I stumbled through the club crowd. We made the front door and a blast of cool air hit me.

Grandma stopped and turned around. I squeezed her in a hug and we kissed again, as passionately and lustily as before.

Dating Grandmas Having Sex

Again, Grandma broke the kiss and dragged me through the parking lot to her car. Once there, she pulled her keys out of her purse and pressed them into my palm. I kissed her again, pushing her roughly against the car. As we tongued each other, I reached down and pulled her skirt up to finger her pussy. As I did, she grabbed my hand to lead me up to her panties. I flicked her panties aside and rubbed my finger against her sopping wet pussy. Grandma scrambled around to the other side of the car and I slid into the driver s seat.

I unlocked her door and she fairly plopped into the passenger s seat.

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I could practically hear the tires squeal as I sped out of the club parking lot. Streetlights flashed overhead as I maneuvered the car down the streets to Grandma s place. The whole time we drove, she was busy rubbing and squeezing my cock through my pants as I lifted my hips off the seat, grunting in pleasure.

Grandma murmured with delight and leaned over to push her tongue into my ear. I turned to kiss grandma, and we traded tongue furiously until the guy behind us honked and I got back to the driving.

I pulled into the parking spot in front of Grandma s apartment building and turned off the engine. Grandma was still busy fondling my dick. Quickly, I unbuckled my pants and lifted my hips to pull them down and free my cock. Grandma cooed in delight and took my stiff cock into her hands. I reached down to hike up her skirt and play with her pussy. As we frigged each other, I tried to shift her body up and around, across my hips.

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Grandma was so wrapped up in stroking my dick that she didn t want to let go. Finally, I broke our kiss. I ve got to fuck you. She planted a quick kiss on my lips. By the time I d gotten out of the car, she was already at the front door, unlocking it.


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