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My spontaneous desire to drive my Miata has gone way down. Hang on, Cheryl, what do lust and sports cars have in common? Let me teach you about what I call the two keys to your erotic engine: desire and arousal.

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Desire is the mental aspect of sexual motivation. For example, you might create a fantasy and imagine touching your sweetheart or making love, or you might decide it would be nice to carve out an hour so you can connect erotically. These thoughts motivate you toward your partner. Arousal is the physical aspect of being turned on He feels empowered by this knowledge, and for the first time in years, he begins to initiate lovemaking even when he is not in the mood.

He decides that he will take a long steam shower after work, relaxing his muscles and slowing his busy mind. Then, he imagines how nice it will be to lay down with Erin and entwine naked bodies.

Terry is deliberately choosing to think about sexuality instead of waiting around for a great sex life to find him. He learns that sex is not a drive, but that his inherent sensuality is like a beautiful vehicle sitting in the garage gathering dust.

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And he had the keys. Not in the mood? As they work with me through my Become Passion program I have them and all the couples create what I call a Passion Plan. We can thank John Gottman for many of these relationship science insights. He spent many years studying romantic relationships. There, he recorded them discussing their relationship. Years after they participated in the apartment study, Gottman followed up with the couples to check on their relationships. He studied the original tapes of these two types of couples to learn what patterns separated the masters from the disasters.

In other words, the research tells us what makes a good Life Partner. However, these are not the traits my matchmaking clients tend to ask for. Instead, they focus on short-term desirability—or the characteristics of a good Prom Date.

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What matters less than we think Not only do we undervalue the qualities that matter for long-term relationships, we overvalue irrelevant ones. Superficial qualities like looks and money matter less for long-term relationship success than people think they do because lust fades and people adapt to their circumstances.

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The Top Myths about Lust and Love and How They can Ruin Your Sex Life

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