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Risk Levels

If you are moving to, or if you have already been living in Saudi Arabia, you may feel unsettled at the beginning. This is because the way of life there differs from many countries — there are no pubs or clubs in Saudi Arabia as alcohol is prohibited in the country.

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There are also no cinemas. However, there are gyms and shopping centres available, which offer some home comfort.

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Laws in these countries are not so strict, and they are well worth visiting to let off some steam, something which many expats do. If you are interested in finding new friends or loved ones in Saudi Arabia, you may face unfamiliar difficulties.

Ways of meeting people may differ from your previous experiences as bars and clubs are unavailable.

Saudi Arabia

This study can promote the need for the development of policies and practices by the policy makers and local communities for effective sexual health intervention including sexual education.

To ensure their consent; the researcher indicated to adolescents that their participation in the study was totally voluntary and that they could refuse to take part in the study. All information was collected and analyzed anonymously, and the results would be used only for research purposes.

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Adolescents were asked to rate their perception of their STIs knowledge. Electronic devices may be screened by customs officials on arrival and departure. The punishment for smuggling drugs includes the death penalty.

Photographing government buildings, military installations, and palaces is not allowed. You should avoid photographing local people.

Examining HIV and STIs Related Knowledge Among Male Adolescents in Saudi Arabia

Binoculars should not be brought into Saudi Arabia and may be confiscated at the port of entry. You should carry a photocopy of your passport for identification. Make sure you have included emergency contact details. The Saudi legal system differs in many ways from the UK.

Suspects can be held without charge and are not always allowed quick access to legal representation.

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The Saudi authorities have detained witnesses and victims of crimes. If you need consular assistance, British Embassy staff will try to visit you as soon as they are aware of the case, but in some instances Embassy staff have not been permitted to do so immediately or have had access limited. Anyone involved in a commercial dispute with a Saudi company or individual may be prevented from leaving the country pending resolution of the dispute.


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