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Supporting Sexual Independence

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Give your child or client information about sex.

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Knowledge is empowerment. While parents still tend to think that their child will want to have sex if they are given information about it, the truth is that having clear, accurate, explicit information enables autistic people to make smart, informed decisions about their sexual desires and well-being. The best way to prevent victimization among autistic people is to give us the opportunity to be empowered adults who have the ability to declare our own sexual independence.

My personal journey with sexuality and dating is an ongoing one.

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But it is my mistakes that have helped me to grow and learn how to live in this world the most, and just as every autistic person is different, so is the process of becoming sexually independent for each person. Above all else, remember to give your child or client a chance to experience their sexuality, to love, and to make mistakes as everyone else makes mistakes.

To deny that autistic individuals are sexual beings is to deny a part of their humanity.


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