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The books and magazines they carried usually came from outside donations.

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Nofcier requested them through the local parent-teacher association. She traveled around the state, asking people in more affluent and accessible regions to help their fellow Kentuckians in Appalachia.

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She asked for everything: books, magazines, Sunday school materials, textbooks. They repaired books, repurposing old Christmas cards as bookmarks so people would be less likely to dog-ear pages.

Soon, word of the campaign spread, and books came from half of the states in the country. One Pittsburgh benefactor collected reading material and told a reporter stories she d heard from packhorse librarians. Others sacrificed to help the project, saving pennies for a drive to replenish book stocks and buy four miniature hand-cranked movie machines.

When materials became too worn to circulate, librarians made them into new books.

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Suppose also that ". What does that mean for content providers that wish to provide sexually explicit material that is tailored to mobile phone users? Suppose that China mandates that all businesses put content in the ". What should a Chinese adult shop do? Experience shows that deriving information from content Strict association of content types with names does not scale.

Device-independent design promotes robust content that may be repurposed in many contexts, some of which the designer may not even have foreseen. For instance, content that does not rely on the capabilities of a particular environment Creating a special area of the Web "just for mobile content" may have the effect of reducing the flexibility of general-purpose content.

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This will have a negative effect on a number of communities, including users of mobile devices, who may find themselves only able to access a limited portion of what the Web has to offer.

A more constructive approach to improving the experience of users with mobile devices is to make all content flexible. Device-independent design saves money for content providers who only have to manage one copy and one URI, instead of multiple sites for different devices. Content designed this way is also generally easier to maintain over time.

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Users also benefit since more of the Web becomes available to them in more environments. Attempts to create subdivisions of the Internet based on content may very well lead to privacy violations. It is easy to imagine some governments monitoring users who seek out information in a ". In the case of ". Using the DNS to create a centralized "yellow pages" of content types is very likely to fail.

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Indeed, one reason the Web has succeeded is that it does not mandate a single classification: no single classification of content types or device types or other topics will meet the needs of every community. The Web allows each community to maintain a presence in the way best-suited to that community, unconstrained by the needs of other communities.

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Horse-Riding Librarians Were the Great Depression’s Bookmobiles

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