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Yes, course providers and all course provider facilities that process, deliver, store curriculum materials, student records, or Uniform Certificates of Completion for Texas courses must be in the state or maintain a registered agent in Texas. Are course providers required to issue their own Uniform Certificates of Course Completion? Yes, the course provider must first submit an issuance plan and sample certificate that follow TDLR-approved guidelines and receive approval to issue certificates to students.

Please contact us at DES tdlr. Is it true that my instructors will not be able to hand the certificates of completion to students when they complete the course? Yes, state law requires that the course provider mail or send the certificate electronically to the student. Can driving safety students have their uniform certificates of completion delivered to them by courier?

How much time do I have to mail those certificates?

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Are there any other requirements or time limits I need to be aware of? Who should I contact if I have questions about the upload file?

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When can I begin advertising my course? An applicant applying for approval of a new license shall be allowed to advertise in a manner as approved by the department.

What are the requirements for writing a Specialized Driving course? How long does it take to approve a driving safety course? During the review of your proposed course, you will be notified in writing of any discrepancies and the program specialist will work with you until all course requirements have been met.

Will my course be permitted to use videos, film clips, and pictures I copy from TV, magazines, or movies? Yes, all courses are reviewed as if they were brand new courses. What are the requirements? I only want to offer an online course; do I still have to submit a traditional course?

The department may approve an ADM for an approved driving safety course or a specialized driving safety course and waive any rules to accomplish this approval if the ADM delivers an approved course in a manner that is at least as secure as a traditional classroom.

Does the Alternative Delivery Method have to follow the same topics and course content as the approved course?

Although the ADM must deliver the same topics and course content as the approved course, the ADM sequencing may be different from the approved traditional course if the sequencing does not detract from the educational value of the course.

Yes, there is a requirement to incorporate a validation process that verifies student participation and comprehension of course material throughout the course.

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Is approval by TDLR required before a driving safety course can be delivered by an alternative delivery method? Will I have to resubmit my payment if I submit my Traditional or Alternative Delivery Method course and must change some or all the course before it is approved? No, your course is not required to be in perfect condition when initially submitted but must be complete and reviewable at that time.

TDLR will review the proposed course first, identify any areas that are unacceptable, and notify you via email. If you fail to make the necessary changes within a one-year period, your course will not be approved, and the fee will not be refunded. What are the instructor training requirements for an ADM? I understand that the student must always be able to get in touch with a licensed instructor within an average of two minutes; including days, nights, weekends, and holidays.

Does this instructor have to be in Texas, or can the instructor be anywhere in the nation if they are licensed to teach in Texas? The instructor can be physically located anywhere in the United States but must be licensed as a driving safety instructor in Texas and endorsed to teach that specific driving safety course. No, TDLR will need to review and approve and changes that are made to the course. Should I let the students know that personal validation questions will be asked during the course?

No, rule does not require you to use a third-party database. Which third-party databases are available for use in Texas?

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A contract with DPS is required to establish eligibility. If a student has an out-of-state license and we cannot verify his or her identity through third-party sources, can we stop asking validation questions? No, validation questions should still be asked throughout the course. The certificate should not be provided until all course requirements have been met and the completion date on the certificate should match the date that the last of the course requirements have been met.

Contact your course provider for details and fill out the driving safety school application here. A minor may be required to take the course if convicted of or placed on deferred adjudication if the minor has not been previously convicted of an offense.

Will I receive my completion certificate once I complete my course? Yes, you will receive the certificate at the end of the class. They will be able to provide you with information on where and when the instructor course will be held, as well as the cost to take the course.

Are there any prerequisites to becoming an instructor?

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What do I need to become a driver education instructor? Where can I take the Instructor Development Course?

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a list of all the current Instructor Development Courses available on our website. You can find a list of approved driver education instructor development courses on the Instructor Development and Continuing Education Course Listings page. Can I transfer my driver education instructor license from another state to Texas? No, driver education instructor licenses from another state cannot be transferred to Texas. Once I get my driver education instructor license, can I start teaching right away?

No, vocational driving courses such as commercial truck driving are regulated by Career Schools and Veterans Education Division at Texas Workforce Commission. Where can I get an instructor application? All the instructor applications can be found on our website.

How do I become a Driving Safety Instructor? Are all driving safety courses the same?

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No, each course provider creates their own course, which is why you take the instructor development course to learn that specific course. Does a driving safety instructor license authorize me to teach the course anywhere? No, you can only teach the course in an approved school or classroom and only the course you are approved to teach.

Where do I get the application for the driving safety instructor? You can find the application on our website. How do I renew my instructor license?

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