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Five years later, after graduating from different colleges, we got married. Briefly, when they were dating, my father read the poem aloud to her, with great emotion, and then told her he was an expert at swinging birches himself.

In fact, he would show her. They were in the woods at the time, birch trees all around. Finally he let go and fell to the ground.

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Sprained his ankle. But he totally endeared himself to my mother with this fiasco.

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I would like to think that that stubborn, unbendable birch tree contributed to my existence in the world. The tree refused the poetry of Robert Frost. In this way, he is also euphemistically tied to the family tree, which may be the bigger point to be taken from the surprising event. In the end, tying the patriarch of the family—and of the town—to the chestnut tree places him squarely in one sure place for everyone to see and for him to stand.

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If they could not understand his wandering and ranting, they could understand him centered in this way. The tree, finally, may be bigger than he is, but they are one: both rooted in a way that reminds everyone, including the reader, that one hundred years is just one season, one man under one tree. For the poem, the book, and the tree are both ode and elegy. But in spring, the peach tree beckons. He stops only when the tree is open enough for birds to fly through and they do , granting him, at last, the ability to look up.

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To try to see and hear. The alder is a tree I see in the country and in the city, and when the wind is right, I always see it as pleased to see me, or at least not so displeased, like a friend.

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What was there to worry about? The languages might be mycelium in the soil or gestures from the body, but the conversation all comes back to the conifer in the poem.

I imagine that Komunyakaa wrote this poem in a notebook, full of the scratching and rustling of his living.

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Narrations flow together and time overlaps and bends. There is a novel within a novel within a novel, each set inside the other like matryoshka dolls. Characters move between these worlds, the living mingling with the dead. After settling into the flow of this braided book, I was stopped by a tree.

This narrator belongs to the story that a mother in contemporary Mexico City is writing about her past; her younger self is a translator living in New York City and obsessed with the poet Gilberto Owen, who lived in her neighborhood during the Harlem Renaissance.

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The tree she finds up there turns out to be something he once described in his writing. The novel she inhabits, the novel she writes, and the novel her narrator writes are all structured as short paragraphs that skip from past to present and place to place, feeling like stolen moments.

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