ANT FARM 1968-1978ANT FARM 1968-1978

Current issues of substance:

Ian Milo Kibbee FerrucciIan Milo Kibbee Ferrucci
noman2001NoMan 2001
playaCleanup at Black Rock, Memorial Day Weekend 1999
tesselationBurning Man 1999
NoMan2Second Annual NoMan Non-Event
big ballBurning Man 1998
NoMan1First Annual NoMan Non-Event
beachSculpture Burn 1999
VLA apparatusKodak HIE B&W High-Speed Infrared Film
VLA at HualapaiThe Very Large Array
tesselated dodecagonTesselated Dodecagon
Big Full Moon, 12/22/99Full Moon, 12/22/99
ground zero monumentImages from the Uranium Tour, April 1996
aerial photography thumbnailAerial Photography at Burning Man 1996
lorenz screen shotLorenz Attractor screen saver for WinNT/Win9x
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